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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Tabeer mean?

The word Tabeer in Urdu means - the interpretation of dreams. In Turkish, Tabeer means - expression. Tabeer fits perfectly with my idea of providing to my clients a variety of creative expressions from around the world and at the same time making my online boutique another channel for all the artisans to help interpret and realize  their dreams. 

Why shop at Treasures By Tabeer?

  • A majority of products showcased at Treasures By Tabeer are handcrafted. Lot of love, hope, hard work, expert skills, and pride goes in the making of handcrafted products. If you are someone who values handcrafted products, then you will like to shop at Treasures By Tabeer.  
  • At Treasures By Tabeer you can turn your shopping into a worthwhile cause. Treasures By Tabeer exclusively picks handcrafted products from vendors that support fair trade, believe in Eco-friendly principles, and are working towards helping others. Your shopping at Treasures By Tabeer will indirectly contribute to those causes.
  • By showcasing traditional and contemporary, culture and place specific eclectic collection, Treasures By Tabeer aims to cater to the sine qua nons for styles and fashions of a diverse clientele. Whether you are a Francophile, or you want to reconnect to your place of origin; or you are looking to support a local artist; or looking for something that is different from what the regular department stores carry, Treasures By Tabeer is sure to have something that will steal your heart. 

What is your Privacy Policy?

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Do I have to pay sales tax?

Yes. Treasures By Tabeer is required to collect sales tax from all California customers.

Note: Customers living in states other than California are obligated to report their use tax to their respective states. 

What if the product that I like is out of stock?

Please contact me to see whether or not the product will be back in stock. Sometimes depending on the popularity of the products, I might restock them.  

What is your shipping policy?

Please visit the Shipping and Returns page.