An elegant fusion of multi-cultural styles

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     Welcome to Treasures By Tabeer, a place where you will find an elegant fusion of fashion originating from places, traditions, cultures, lifestyles, nature, and individual inspiration.

     Treasures By Tabeer grew out of my passion for traveling and my love for different cultures. My traveling experiences and small collectibles brought home from those travels intrigued me to learn more about different cultures and places. Every time I visited a country, I searched for locally produced items that reflected the history, traditions, culture, and lifestyle of that place. I fell in love with the unique ways in which people around the world expressed their creativity. Even with this diverse creativity, they all have one thing in common - they all keep alive their traditions and lifestyles in each of their creations. It gave me immense joy in learning about different places and remotely being able to connect to their cultures through my shopping. I decided to share this joy with others by bringing together beautiful handcrafted pieces from around the world and highlighting what each culture or place has to offer. I hope that your shopping experience at Treasures By Tabeer brings you the same joy. 

Rummana Saiyed